I survived hike number one! I don't think I would have called this walk "beginner" but I am really glad I didn't go on the intermediate hike! There were plenty of hills to keep me challenged... And panting. Although I'm not as out of shape as I had thought. Probably due to all the lifting and moving I had been doing last week in my studios.

There are some really pretty vistas, but when we stopped (to catch our breath) at a lake, The Pogue, we saw a bunch of really cute turtles on a log. Only one wasn't camera shy...

Right now I am exhausted. Many of the others have gone off to exercise ($&@/:!?). I think I'll head to a cooking class. I think I can survive the hikes... But I'm not at all sure about all the veggies... And no snacks! Ahh! At the end of this hike, we went into Woodstock, and many of us headed straight to a cafe. Oh that chai latte was so good! :-)

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