Seeing piles of my brand new books gets me very excited! There are only 5 more days for this Kickstarter and it is still... a bit of a stretch... to meet the goal. And the goal is to cover the cost of printing these amazing books! I thought I would make a video to show you the book. In my mind, it would look very professional... but that's not Reality.

When you are reading the book to your little people - you will most likely be holding it with one hand while the cat and dog make weird noises and demand your attention.

So I hope these videos help you envision what it will really be like to read BLUE ROO! (Elsa Bear and Minou, not included). 

And don't forget to back the Kickstarter: If you'd like to be a Sponsor for a larger amount, let me know! I can create custom Rewards to suit your interests, for example: large quantity of books at wholesale pricing for your school, employees, etc. as Holiday gifts, customized art for your company, happy thoughts... Please Please please make this a successful Kickstarter and help me get my new business off the ground!