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2 min read

Animation Reflux

I'm so glad I decided to take the Animation workshop with Alec Longstreth at the Center for Cartoon Studies -- AGAIN! I enjoyed it last summer too, but I didn't get the concepts, techniques, etc. firmly planted in my brain in a way that would let me actually USE them. This...

1 min read

Graphic Medicine - Class 6

Our last Graphic Medicine class last night. The medical students had created an anthology with comics on the theme of "STRESS". We read through it and then were visited by CCS faculty and cartoonist - Luke Howard. Luke reviewed the comic and talked about his own work "Our Mother" which we...

1 min read

Visiting Artists - a whole bunch!

Last week's visiting artist was the newly appointed Vermont Cartoonist Laureate - Alison Bechdel! We got to witness Ed Koren handing over the Laurels. Alison is famous for so many things... • Her graphic novel, FUN HOME, which won lots of awards and was made into a Broadway musical. • Her long-running comic strip, DYKES...