I remember this feeling from when my son turned One... Whoa! How did I manage to keep this tiny creature alive for an entire year!!!??? In some ways, I can't believe it's been a whole year since I learned I was finally getting my puppy. I had waited so long to get Theo, who was fully trained as my service dog - and we only lasted two months together (because of medical reasons). And Elsa Bear, an untrained puppy has managed to survive... me... for a year, despite not being trained to deal with me. Yet.

So it is time to get serious about her education! Saturday, February 10th, we are doing a yART SALE to raise money for her training. (See ad above for details). Besides art, and art supplies, I've got a small chunk of my vintage LEGO collection (and my son's) for sale.

It's taken me months to sort out the pieces and reassemble the sets. Can you BELIEVE my son had improvised and - GASP - combined multiple sets!? Shocking, I know. There are some unopened sets too. Lots of good stuff.

Can't make it to the sale? But still want to show Elsa Bear how much you love her? You can click the button here and contribute any amount. If you fill in your name and mailing address too, we'll send you some super cute stickers! How many stickers? You will get stickers in proportion to your love and generosity! And I have SOOOO many stickers!

"At Your Service!"

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