Since I had everything set up, I thought I'd give it another shot this weekend. With fewer competing events, I hope to see more folks.

I can't believe I was able to turn the... mess... back into a studio shop! A loooong time ago, I built this space to be my rubber stamp shop, illustration studio, and classroom. I also started the Warner Women's Art Group (WWAG). We ran open studio tours that were so successful, I decided to open a full time store and classroom! That was Wingdoodle, which I ran with my mom for 10 years.

After it closed in 2010, I ran BeezInk Studio out of the space, which I called The BeeHive and we had Friday night playdates for all my arty friends... until I went to grad school in Vermont and rented out the building.

In 2019, I renovated my original studio space and planned to start up classes, playdates, and Open Studios... wham - Covid. It's been a lonely last few years - especially so for a person with a severely damaged immune system... fast forward to now - I'm trying to start up again! I'd really like to make new friends, new art, new income!

Here are some photos of the great stuff you can buy this weekend (some of it is on my ETSY shop: BUMBLEBAT as well.

Great stuff right!? Come show your support this Saturday at the Open Studio, or shop on my Etsy shop, or subscribe to this blog! Your encouragement means a lot to me.

Also, from Noon til 1pm we're having a BOOK PARTY for BLUE ROO with crafts and snacks and a really great special price on the book AND stickers! How can you resist!?

I hope to see you there... um... HERE!

OH - one more thing! Elsa Bear (my service dog in training) has the opportunity to join a new training school that starts on Dec. 15th - I really need to raise some funds for her, fast. If you would like to help her go to school, please contribute here:

Thank you!!