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Kirkus Review! Book Review!

READY, SET, GORILLA!  by Melissa Stoller and   illustrated by Sandy Steen Bartholomew "A gorilla learns a lesson about playing fairly with his friends in this preschool-perfect picture book by Stoller (Scarlet’s Magic Paintbrush, 2018, etc.), with eye-catching illustrations by Bartholomew (Alphatangle, 2016, etc.). Gorilla loves to race with his friends, but he’s...

4 min read

Vermont ComicCon - the Weekend

So that last post ended with the purple flowers... like a cliffhanger, right? You're thinking... "WHAT? The Fireman is BACK?! Are you out of your mind?" Well... maybe... we'll see... He did show up at the door with this... (giant meatballs and sauce) ...and this... (super cheesy lasagna) which...

3 min read

First Year - That's All Folks!

Wow - it's all over but for the shouting! That comes tonight with the graduation ceremony for the Seniors at Northern Stage and then the Block Party tomorrow. If you are in the area - be sure to come to the Block Party! Ed Koren will be there, free comic books, artist demos,...

3 min read

Artsy Weekend with the Kid

Lilah spent the weekend with me in White River Junction, VT. It was nice to have an "easy" weekend without lots of homework - now that the big comic book project is finished! She finally got to attend the Comic Club at my school and I heard her get up to present her...