I have a new kid's comic/book out! 

It’s a comic/picture book hybrid called BLUE ROO - An illustrated story about Albina, a girl who likes everything white. 

Her world is organized, labeled, clean, and predictable.

Everything changes suddenly when her favorite stuffie, a white kangaroo named Roo, ends up washed in the blue laundry!

A review from a fellow artist, Ty Meier: "...Sandy Bartholomew, an excellent illustrator in Warner, a member of TVAS and a regular at my Artist Circle has just released, on Kickstarter, this wonderful children's book that intelligently takes on OCD and Neurodivergence. It's thoughtful and expert, and there are stickers and stuff too. Check it out!"

You can see a flipbook of the whole story below (or click HERE if it doesn't show):

Behind the scene notes: Although I only got my official diagnosis recently, I have been working on this story (and others) for many years. My Labels include ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder)/Aspergers, Gifted, Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, and a whole mess of medical/physical disorders --and they all have very negative connotations and a stigma of "disability".

I prefer "Neurodivergent". Since my labels, including the physical pain, are all "invisible disabilities", instead of trying to justify my disabilities, I want people to see my superpowers instead. In order to do that, I need to build a support team and find assistance with the areas that I... suck at. I believe that my stories and experiences can help a lot of people. I can do the work. But I need help getting that work "out there" and raising the money, making the right connections, etc.

Please back this book on Kickstarter. The campaign is to cover the printing costs. And please share it with anyone you know who works with kids, librarians, bookstores, teachers, therapists, etc. http://kck.st/46Wd8fI

Thank you!!