HEY! It's ME! At the very first Kids Con New England in 2016! I had lots of Lilah Bean stuff and Zentangle books and stickers and tattoos.... Lilah and I even taught a Lilah Bean workshop!

I did the 2017 Kids Con too, with Montshire Museum of Science, selling our Tinkering Kits and science comics.

It's weird, but I'm looking at that photo and thinking "I look so young?!" - I was a grad student at The Center for Cartoon Studies - but I remember, at the time, I felt so OLD (my classmates were all under 30).

Now, I really AM old. (Haha!)
BUT! I have a brand new The Lilah Beans Coloring Book, and Lilah Bean stickers, and a brand new kids' book/comic - BLUE ROO... and Blue Roo stickers! And more stickers! And I'll have some art supplies. And mugs. And STICKERS!!!! 😁❤

Oh, yes, and a DOG!!

Come and visit us on May 11th - Kids Con will be at the Everett Arena in Concord, NH.

And if you tell us we are "Good girls!!" - Elsa Bear will probably give you a treat (it's a sticker - don't eat it!)