Hey! I've got a great idea!!!! Let's change EVERYTHING!!

I finally found a really great web designer (she can CODE! OOOO!) and we are going to redo all my sites and get them working together - so I apologize while everything is a mess. Please stay with me - It will be worth it! And all (four) of you who are Patrons of this blog - you will finally have the promised Library! I really am super excited to see it come together over the next few weeks.

The hardest thing has been to focus and decide how I want to rebrand. I've had so many different businesses/brands over the years and I've been thinking REALLY hard "what do I want to do?" (And "how can I earn a grown-up income?!")

In the last 20 years, I've done freelance illustration, ran a store, a classroom, studio, two rubber stamp companies, and about 5 blogs.... oh vey.

Here are just a few of the logos and banners I've designed for my various businesses!

Now... CHOOSE!!

It's easier to eliminate - what I DON'T want to do any more. Some of the decision has been made for me. I can no longer travel to teach, or run a 9-5 business outside my home (or in it). The medical and mental issues have ruled out a lot. But maybe they are also narrowing the focus back on themselves?

I'm running around in circles screaming "I don't know what to do!? How can I be of use to others? Aaaagh!"

And I get a text from a fellow artist - "hey, I'm starting to think I might be Autistic... could I talk with you?" and this keeps happening. And at the Kids Con... soooo many neurodivergent kids and their parents found their way to MY booth (maybe the service dog was a neuro-magnet?). Oh, hey, wait a second... maybe THIS is how I can be of service to others?

What if I could create a business where I got to draw comics about my experiences, license designs to companies, sell my products to shops, collaborate on fun projects with amazing businesses, and get PAID lots of money?

Working on it!

If you'd like to donate to the renovation program (I sure could use some help!!) - here's a link:

Include your mailing address, and I'll send you some very cool things!!

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