I'm having so much fun, I forgot to take photos!

I just returned from the weirdest impromptu dance party. We entered the dark, freezing cold exercise tent giggling hysterically. A bunch of forty and fifty year old teenage women. I seriously think I have burned more calories today just laughing! At one point we were all trying to figure out the moves to "Thriller", by watching a video on YouTube on someone's iPhone- but it was sideways so we all had our heads tilted and our hands out like zombies... Very authentic. A good thing that just about everyone else had gone to bed!

Here are some of the new things I learned today: qi jong, circuit training, spinning (with a bike- not yarn!), fit ball, water aerobics, how to purée kale, how to make a green smoothie (yes, it looks like puke), that everybody has a story, that divorced women should spend a year being completely selfish (or at least travel the world) before they even THINK about dating, that those tattooed, cross-trainer, wonder women that I was intimidated by? They are incredibly cool people - and very real.

Here are some of the new things I have eaten: tilapia, quinoa, hemp protein powder, goat cheese, stuffed peppers, frozen banana pudding, chia seeds, kombucha (sp?), and green smoothies.

I'm thinking I need a gold star chart!

But before you all start thinking I've lost my mind- I normally hate veggies and exercise and eat like a five year old- I'll reassure you that I still dislike vegetables and I'm having lustful fantasies about pastries. And salt. Not together though!  

Here are two things that might be of use to you if you also suck at taking care of yourself: kale is a dark green leafy vegetable that has more calcium than milk and tons and tons of all that healthy stuff you really hate to eat. If you throw some in a blender with some pineapple, apple juice, strawberries... Whatever you like... And then drink it... You will be happy and healthy and don't have to eat any other rabbit food. And chia seeds have more omega-3 than any other food on the planet and when soaked in water for an hour and added to a smoothie- they have no taste! Yes, that's a good thing! I wouldn't want to add fish oil to a smoothie. Blah. And if all else fails, you can always make a chia pet.

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