Worth the Climb

Today, I am most proud of taking a risk during the hike this morning. I had chosen the easier level but ended up with two other ladies at the head of the pack (we were an artist, a divorce lawyer and a gallery owner). Our guide coaxed us into going up a different path and I agreed. We climbed up  over tree roots, up over moss and rocks... "up" being the keyword. The lawyer and the guide would wait for us and we two artists would arrive at each spot breathless and soaked with sweat. When we reached the top of the mountain, my companion lay down on the moss. I thought she was dead. But WOW the view was worth the climb! (the photos don't do it justice- I only included them to prove I was there). On the way down we cut through an ancient cemetery (in the middle of nowhere). The rest of the original group had given up on their walk and we had to pick them up in the van. I was amazed at myself. I did it. And I enjoyed it. Yeah me. Another gold star?

Oh- and I ate tofu. :-/

I am learning that, besides hiking, my two most likely exercises to continue when I get home are: talking and laughing. They may or may not involve pool noodles and balance balls.   Don't believe me? What muscles do you think get used the most while trying to stand ON a pool noodle while doing leg lifts (in the water)? Leg muscles? Nope. Definitely works your "core"! A whole bunch of middle aged ladies flipping' into the water or straddling their noodles is WICKED funny! You'd work your core too if you saw it!