Waaaaaaay back in June 2022, I visited the Western Avenue Studios in Lowell, MA. And then, I applied for one of the live/work spaces called The Lofts. It was quite a process with CVs, artist statement, portfolio, proof that I'm a working artist and showing my work - luckily I had a "museum show" at the time!

It was at the same time that I put my name on the waiting list for the puppy! And guess what? I got accepted at the Studios on the same day that I learned I'd be getting my puppy!

I'm so excited.. but now I am on the waitlist for an actual Loft space... who knows how long that will be? I'm hoping it will be this year or next year. I'd really love to be in a place with over 300 artists!

The Studios building is the one at the far end of the parking lot and has 300 artists on 5 floors plus a brewery, and galleries, and a coffee shop. The closest building (in the photo) is The Lofts. There are 50 live/work spaces here plus gardens. The Pawtucket Canal runs right along the side. The windows are 22' wide and the ceiling are crazy high. Oh, and pets are allowed!

If you are really curious, this VIDEO shows a tour inside the Lofts. If you are impatient, jump ahead to around 5 min. to see some empty Lofts or 7 minutes to see a gorgeous, lived in one. They are only open to the public during the Open Studioson the first Saturday of each month (this Saturday!!) The Studios are open whenever the artists are around, but Open Studios have so much going on, plus Food Trucks! And then, there's the rest of Lowell - so many Galleries and events!

Can you tell how badly I want to be a part of Western Avenue Studios?!

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