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4 min read

Vermont ComicCon - the Weekend

So that last post ended with the purple flowers... like a cliffhanger, right? You're thinking... "WHAT? The Fireman is BACK?! Are you out of your mind?" Well... maybe... we'll see... He did show up at the door with this... (giant meatballs and sauce) ...and this... (super cheesy lasagna) which...

5 min read

The Week in Review

Maybe the week went so fast because I had so much work due, or maybe because I got so little sleep... staying up till 4am most nights! But it started pretty well - last Saturday - an evening out with the Fireman at The Local, spent listening to Brad Myrick and drinking whiskey sours. And...

4 min read

Non-Fiction Begins

We started our lesson on Non-Fiction comics with a field trip to Clay Hill Corners Farm in Hartland, VT to talk with Marty Banak and listen in as he was interviewed. He showed us around the amazing farm and his sugar shack (on wheels!). Greenhouses, bees, blueberries, even a little mushroom farm. I kept thinking,...