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3 min read

GOrillas! on the Move!

Today I had the perfect kind of social interaction day! Sue Matott, the children's librarian at the Pillsbury Free Library - (our local library here in Warner, NH) - chose my book, Ready, Set, GOrilla! for Storytime! [Book Info: "Ready, Set, GOrilla!" - written by Melissa Stoller,                         and illustrated by Sandy...

5 min read

My Birthday Week

If you haven't read my late-night, pre-Birthday rant, please take a look - it would mean SO much to me! I did have a party and it was a lot of fun. It was interesting to note that none of the people that would consider themselves to be my closest or oldest friends,...

2 min read

Studio - Yard Sale - the Tail End

I've still got quite a bit left from last weekend's sale - including the darkroom enlarger, big conference table, art supplies, toys, art books, displays, some shopping bags... and a gazillion rubber stamps. (See some photos of stuff HERE). Please please please come and get some of this stuff! I need...

3 min read

Queen Bee!

This was easily one of the most fun Birthdays I've ever had. Birthdays are a huge deal to me - I like to celebrate that I am still here. We had planned to take a trip down South this week - but the Hurricanes - "Florence", out in the real world,...

2 min read


The Granite State Comicon was this weekend and, as always, is a great way to kick off my Birthday Week! This time I not only had my daughter, Lilah, but I had a whole Tribe... I was able to listen to part of the interview with Caroll Spinney (and his wife) who played the parts...