Let's set the scene... my 26 year old, neurodivergent son Alex, who works in the Physics Lab at Harvard... and shares an apartment with a few other 20-somethings and a... cranky cat, Nigel. Got it? OK.

So my son sent me this text:

We just drew faux tarot and also did one for Nigel as he sat on his box. He looked back and forth at the cards and then sniffed one.

[See Nigel in photo above. On his box.]

Here were his actual results. We all screamed at the last card!

[If you aren't familiar with tarot, you can pull three cards to represent the past, the present, and the future. And if a card is upside down, you can read it as the opposite of the upright meaning.]

PAST: lack of clarity, bad energy
PRESENT: all his demons are on the outside (grumpy cat)
FUTURE: the best possible prognosis

And this was my response...

If you'd like to do a reading for your cat (bear, octopus, raven, dodo bird...), or yourself... you can get your own The Faux Tarot Deck - HERE!

And for a limited time, if you mention you read this post, or your cat is into tarot, I'll include two new, special stickers with your purchase from my Bumblebat-Etsy shop!

I see great things (and my Faux Tarot) in your future!

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