Today was my day to get up on stage and teach! I was a lot calmer than I was last year. I ended up with three hours to teach "Glowing Prints" and I enjoyed the extra time. I was able to walk around and show my samples and answer questions.

The work people did was incredible and inspiring!  Here are just a few of the pieces...

Molly Hollibaugh did a mediation-Zentangle class and we made a mosaic with 200+ tiles!

And Marie Browning showed how to use the Tombow colored pencils on impressed black paper.

And here are the people in my neighborhood... Ummm... The folks I met today.

I can't believe how many people decided to "play" and make CZT trading cards! I have a big ole stack of cards!!!
Did I mention I am really tired? Can we say serious-social-hangover?  Tomorrow is the last day and then I will start missing everyone...

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