For part two of our stairwell tangling adventure, I was joined by my son Alex, my daughter, Lilah, Jodi Ehler (CZT), and Valerie Kelley (tangle addict). We added to the previous designs and spread to the other walls...

Alex embellished the boring wall sconce. I love that he uses tangles from my books that I forget to play with! Like "Tung" and "Ogel"
He started adding his own "Eddies" inside Chakra.
Lilah attacked the entire door, with... Lilah Beans!
Valerie tangled what looked like an underwater scene...
... love the bubbles!
Tangle, Jodi, tangle!
Jodi added onto Bette Abdu's section and expanded on Krystin Watt's "Shrooms"
The Shrooms grew larger and more complex!
I tried to work around Lilah, but she kept adding to MY wall! I tried to fight back with "Btl Joos" vines, but they were no match for her infectious dots.
I added to my section from the first session, but my son claimed the central box by adding a big "Rick's Paradox" I don't know how he drew it without turning the wall!?

Session Three will be held on Oct. 2, from 12-3pm if anyone would care to join us. We'll do some shading too! And if you would like to see our day's work from the level of, and the viewpoint of, a 4 year old... my daughter posted her photos on the Zentangle for Kidz site.

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