I am a guest artist on the Luminarte blog! My intro is up now, Wednesday there will be one of my projects, another project next week, and another the week after. Be sure to check the Luminarte blog to see each project. Of course, I integrated some Zentangle® into each one! :-) And feel free to link to them, retweet them and tell all your friends to take a look too.

Here's a little bit of my Intro post...


Sandy Steen Bartholomew


Hello, my name is Sandy and I am addicted to Zentangle®. It's been a few years

Sandy Bee

now that I have had the uncontrollable urge to draw black and white patterns on everything from little pieces of paper, to my bathroom floor, to large resin cows... My greatest thrill is sharing my addiction with other people - especially those who don't think they have a creative bone in their bodies. I've got it so bad that I have written four... five? Oh dear, I've lost count... I like to write books! My first book, AlphaTangle, was self-published. Totally Tangled, Yoga for Your Brain, and AlphaTangle Revised, were all published with Design Originals. Design Originals is  now an imprint of Fox Chapel Publishing, so my newer books are with them.

Zentangle® for Kidz - A Comic Guide with Alex and Lilah -


which just came out a few weeks ago - is my favorite so far. I adore comic books and kids' books and my kids (Alex and Lilah are my kids). And, just in case you are not already exhausted reading this, I finished another book yesterday called the Tangled Fashionista. This one is really fun and kind of like a mash-up between a Zentangle coloring book for big kids and a fantasy fashion magazine. Yes, weird, I know. I really like writing books. And designing them. And illustrating them.

Also, I own a cool creativity general store called,

Wingdoodle type2_edited-1

. I teach classes, have a rubber stamp company and studio (Beez Ink), had another stamp company (Bartholomew's Ink, now part of Stamp Francisco), I sell lots of stuff on Etsy


, write a blog

Belfry Logo3

and another for


. I went to Brown, SVA, and RISD where I got a BFA in ILL. (tee hee). I've been illustrating since I was at least 15 years old and still dream of being an archaeologist (like Indiana Jones, but without the bad guys and snakes!)


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