I recently received this email:

Hi Sandy,
I have the yoga for your brain tangle cards. Right now I'm trying to do "Nebel" and having a hard time with the beginning steps. I was wondering if you could do more of a step out for me. I just can't seem to get it right.
I'd appreciate it and enjoy reading all your newsletters.

I forwarded the request to my Minion, Bonnie, and she said she couldn't do that one either. That made me think that there might be quite a few people who don't "get it."

OK - I actually needed an excuse to use my new video setup! Ian, my fabulous App guy, had sent me a very cool grippy-bendy-tripod and instructions on how to film myself drawing tangles really fast... all using just my iphone. (Thanks again Ian!) It would be much faster and easier than drawing and posting step-outs.

(Click here to watch this video on YouTube.)

I have found it easier to draw Nebel if you turn the tile as you work and start by drawing all the center lines, horizontally and vertically. It starts out looking like a slightly wonky Cadent!

Hope this video helps!