Well... the perfect dog toy - other than ME!

Basically, if it dangles... it's a TOY. When she latched on to my sweater, she just stood there on her back legs meditating on how perfectly her teeth fit into the weave of the sweater. Pure Zen.

On the right side of the photo, you can see the real toy, dangling on the playpen. Just after I took the photo, I reached for it and convinced her to let go of my sweater by bopping her on the head with a much better option.

I cut an old t-shirt-material pillowcase into strips (still attached at one end) which I braided and knotted. This one has three "legs", I made a second one that had more legs - like an octopus. You can throw it, tug with it, hide some num-nums in the braids for scavenging, and when desperate, toss it in the opposite direction of where you are standing so those sharp little teeth get distracted!

Cardboard boxes are also great toys. They can be filled with snacks, toys, and your dog's head - and it is quite amusing to watch your pup pushing the box around the room as they try to reach the good stuff. Like a sleep-deprived-new-puppy-mom mashup of Sisyphus and Schrodinger's Cat.

Another strange option... the vet's office is full of fun things to lick, climb on, and recline on!