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Saturday, Sept. 10, 12:00-3:00pm  
Tangle the Walls... free
This is part two. We still have lots of wall space to fill with tangles. I have the supplies, just bring your ideas. No fear! See this post if you want to know more...

Wednesday, Sept. 21, 5:30-8:00pm  
Zentangle® 101... $55
An introduction to the art of Zentangle. Fun and painless. No art experience necessary. All materials provided.

Saturday, Oct. 1, 1:00pm-3:00pm  
Zentangle® 102 - Tangle Sampler... $55
You're addicted, right? But now you need to learn how to draw more tangles! This class will teach you tons o' tangles. If there are particular patterns you'd like to learn or you are having trouble with, let me know those as well. Small sketchbook provided, bring your Micron pens.

Sunday, Oct. 2, 12:00-3:00pm
Tangle the Walls... free
This is part three. This is where we fill in spaces and add the shading! This is where the magic happens!

Saturday, Oct. 8, WFFFestival
Body Tangling... $$
The Warner Fall Foliage Festival starts Friday night and runs through Sunday evening. Last year, I spent it painting soccer balls and monkeys on little kids faces, for free, for my daughter's pre-school. This year, I am going to paint and draw Zentangles and henna designs on peoples' hands and faces, and charge them for the honor. ;-) I'll be right next to Wingdoodle, so come and visit and let me draw a big Zendala right in the middle of your forehead, I dare you!

Tuesday-Thursday, Oct. 11-13
CZT Training in Providence
I think this is training #7. I'm very excited to meet a bunch of you - from all over the world!

Saturday & Sunday, Oct. 22 & 23  
Zentangle® Art Retreat... TBA
This is going to be so cool! Absolutely incredible and tons of fun. I have no idea what we'll be doing, where, or how much it will cost, but Christine Britos (CZT and Expressive Arts Coach) is organizing it and she did a smash up job with the CZT Retreat this past July. This one will be for anybody, not just the pros. If you want to know more, email her directly at: christine@expressivecoach.com

Wednesday, Nov. 2, 5:30-8pm  
Zentangle® 101... $55
An introduction to the art of Zentangle. Fun and painless. No art experience necessary. All materials provided.

Saturday & Sunday, Nov. 12 & 13  
Zentangle® Art Retreat... TBA
As I mentioned above, I'm teaching here, but I don't know what. :-) If you want to know more, email Christine Britos directly at: christine@expressivecoach.com

Sunday, Dec. 4, 12:00-4:00pm
Wingdoodle Extravaganza... TBA
Wingdoodle is my real-life, brick and mortar store in Warner, NH. It's been a few years since we have done an Extravaganza, but they were always really popular. You can show up any time between 12 and 4, this is not an official, class-type workshop. There are a bunch of tables, each with a different project and all the materials needed to make it. You move from table to table creating holiday cards, ornaments, bookmarks, etc. It's a blast. No talent or experience needed, but only kids over the age of 12 are allowed. A bunch of us Wingdoodle-y folks will be helping out and happy to hold your glue-y bits or help you ink your stamps. I'll find a way to get some Zentangle in there and probably some eraser carving too. Don't be afraid to come and play, even if you don't think you are "crafty." After all, you didn't think you could "draw" either, right? Trust me!

Saturday, Dec. 10, 11:00-3:00pm Warner Holiday Shopping Tour
Belfry Open Studio
The Warner Holiday Shopping Tour is a fun excuse to go shopping and explore our adorable little town. For each shop you visit, you get a stamp on your passport. Completed passports get entered into a drawing for an amazing gift basket. You don't have to buy anything to get the stamps, but it gives you an excuse to poke around in some places you have never been. Wingdoodle will be part of the tour and I will also have an Open Studio in The Belfry, above the store. Snacks, books, Zentangle stuff. I'll sign all your books that you are giving as holiday gifts! You can snoop around my very cool studio, poke at my Lego town and art thingies, and see the finished (I HOPE it is finished by then!!) Zentangle Stairway. Do you need more reasons to visit?

All classes, unless otherwise noted, are held in my studio, The Belfry, located at 19 East Main Street in Warner, NH (Exit 8 off I-89). The studio is on the second floor and there is no elevator.

Class fee is due at registration to reserve your spot. Any classes with fewer than three people registered will be canceled. 100% Refunds are given for student cancellations made up to 72 hours before class. After that, only 50% will be refunded. Checks (made out to Beez Ink Studio) can be dropped off at Wingdoodle, or mailed to Beez Ink Studio, PO Box 359, Warner, NH 03278
Payment can also be made through PayPal using my email address: beezink@tds.net

Can't attend one of these scheduled classes? Set up your own. I will be happy to schedule a class at your own convenience if you have four or more interested friends or family. My email is beezink@tds.net.

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