Oh yeah! Zazzle is having another great sale on posters! This is your chance to buy any of mine at 50% off. Teachers - you have been asking for an AlphaTangle poster? Now you don't have to cut up your little books, I did all the work for you and you can order any size you like all the way up to, well, HUGE! So the kids all the way in the back of the room can see it! The "How to Draw a Zentangle" would also be cool in a classroom or in a waiting room, don't you think? And I added a purely artsy poster of a recent Zentangle® inspired illustration I made for the gallery show I am in. (I think that sentence violates all kinds of grammar rules, but I am tired and just wanted to tell you to get your posters!)

Be sure to enter the code (DECKYOURWALL) into the box on your shopping cart. [There is also a special offer for free shipping]. Poster sale ends Sept. 7th, 2011. So buy a poster for every teacher you know. Your entire school. All your kids, grandkids. Your family doctor. The chemo ward...  the world needs more tanglers! Promo Code:

And if you use this link:
then I actually earn a buck on your purchase and my faith in art and human nature is restored. Yes, I know "go to bed already!" Goodnight!  :-)

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