End of the Trail

I chose the nature hike again today for my last hike. I figured I'd keep it relatively easy so I could still have enough energy after lunch to go kayaking. Woo, I'm such the Fit Chic! But I was quickly put in my place by the Death Race. Yes, DEATH. No, I did not take part, but it was grueling away at the start of our trail. People actually pay to be part of a race that aims to wear you down to the nub both physically and mentally. As we passed another trail opening, there was a girl just coming down a steep hill carrying a very full pack and an enormous... stump. She looked like a zombie. We learned that, this part of the multi-day, no sleep allowed, challenge... was to carry a log up a mile and a half very steep trail, then back down to this field where they had to split the log with an axe.  Right.

So we had a lovely stroll along a babbling brook while a hundred people had their spirits broken a few miles away. We saw more red newts, frogs, horses and goats. And a few interesting trail signs!

After lunch we kayaked on a beautiful lake with loons and many sunken trees. The damage from hurricane Irene is still visible everywhere. We had passed some little houses that were folded in half and quite obviously not in the right location (like piled onto of boulders!) and here on the lake, it seemed odd to see tree stumps sticking out of the center of the lake. It was glorious to float and look at the amazing mountains. It made me a little sad too since it looked quite a bit like the lake near my little cottage that I am trying to sell.

I spent the afternoon floating on a pool noodle and wondering how I might find a pool to play in when I get home. Sigh, it was a lovely day. It is very hard to imagine going home tomorrow.