I am having a very hard time keeping my eyes open right now, but my brain is so excited I can't crawl into bed until I have told you guys what I saw today!

I dragged my carcass out of bed at 5am today so I could drive down to Providence, RI with Bette Abdu. She drove - I never could have stayed awake. Although I think we talked nonstop for the 3 hours down and the 3+ back. It was ironic to spend seven hours driving so we could spend three hours at the Certified Zentangle Teacher training workshop, but it was SO worth it.

Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts

We got to sit in on the last leg of the program and learned a new tangle pattern - it's a little like Tripoli, but... different. ;-D It will probably be in one of the future Zentangle newsletters, but for now, you have to wait patiently and curse me under your breath. (I'll redeem myself in a minute, maybe). I got to talk to a whole bunch of people - some of you who are reading this - "Hi folks!!!", a few who were at my UN-Tangled retreat in March, a few who are coming to the one in November, and a bunch of my customers. I was thrilled to meet the Ukelele guy, Jason, too. Actually, I just realised, there were more men at this session than I have ever seen before... that's a very good sign!

What is everyone staring at....?

In all, a really nice batch of new CZTs. And a lovely batch of CUPCAKES! These were carrot cake with cream cheese frosting INSIDE too - and the caterer had been inspired to create special Zentangle wrappers!

During break, I got trapped in the room talking and signing books (I'm not complaining, it's a total trip to be treated so nicely - and it does wonders to refill my confidence tank). In the middle of a conversation, I noticed people returning to their seats and muttered "Oh, I didn't get a cupcake". Next thing I know, someone is handing me a lovely, creamy... oh slurp... cupcake. And another wonderful soul brought me a glass of tea. Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE having minions?
I LOVE my minions!! :-)

It was over before I knew what hit me and we headed home - where I promptly crawled into bed!

BUT!!!! Backup... The coolest thing EVER - Rick and Maria have finally published their book!!!!

I remember seeing some of these illustrations, years and years ago, on Maria's desk. She said it took her 8 years to do this book - and it shows. They published it themselves, it's beautifully designed - like a mini- coffee table book. The writing looks really interesting, but I zoom right to the pictures. The art makes me drool. I want to crawl into the pictures. Heck, I wish I had drawn them!! (That is my highest compliment). As usual, words fail me. At the back of the book, they have thumbnail sized images with "notes" about how and why the pictures were created. The back-stories. I always want to see the under-layers, the ideas and structures behind the art. So this book has it all.

I was so in awe, I bought ten signed copies. I'm keeping a couple for myself, but I put a bunch up on my Etsy store if anyone would like one. They won't be sold on Amazon, but you will be able to get them from CZTs, from Zentangle.com, and smaller bookstores, etc. At this moment, however, I seem to have the only (small) horde for sale! What a delicious feeling!!

Maria Thomas, Rick Roberts... and me

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