This is a fantastic idea! The Midwest Art and Lettering Retreat (where I am teaching in August) just decided to open to those who would like some time and space to work on their own projects. One of those "Duh - genius!" kind of ideas. So you get to do what you want all day, use the college, and then have meals with the rest of us and share ideas! Yes!

Here's the info:

Hello again art loving friends, old and new,


MIDWEST Art and Lettering Retreat recently had a query asking if a person could attend the retreat without taking a class. This artist liked the idea of having a time and place of solitude to work on personal projects.

Great idea – WHY NOT!

MIDWEST designed a retreat option for anyone interested in having a private space to work on artwork of their choice.  You would plan your own work schedule. You can join other retreat goers for meals and social times. This option would include a single room in the air-conditioned Watson residence hall, meals, and a work space near the classrooms in the brand new Weitz Center for Creativity Building.  Cost is $375.00 for four days, August 9-12. Check the website for registration forms to download and mail

four images of Northfield

ENJOY THE BEAUTIFUL CARLETON CAMPUS.  All facilities on campus are available for your use.  The recreation center and pool will be open at specified times.  Enjoy a walk in Carleton’s extensive arboretum.  Northfield’s quaint downtown is only a few blocks from campus. Take a break or work at the local coffee house, Good-Bye Blue Monday.  Sit in the town square and read, draw, or rest. Work as late as you like on your own creative project, but share in the exciting vibe created by a community of artists gathered to do nothing but ART! Join the fun……and sign up now!!


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