On Wednesdays, at Mill Brook Gallery, there will be talks by the Children's book illustrators who are in the current show (I'll be on August 10th - and I will keep reminding you all!) Today was Ilene Richard

. After showing all us kids how to design a character, she passed out paper and markers and we gave it a go. Then we got to stand up and talk about our new creation. Yes! I got to show mine too! Here's a picture that Pam Tarbell took with Ilene holding my picture while I explain how the cat works in a diner... (I was so hungry!) It was fun!

And speaking of books. Anyone who has been looking for Totally Tangled

on Amazon recently may have been shocked to see what they are selling for:

The one that says $458.26, was only $100-something yesterday. I mean, what a deal!? Wingdoodle, my store, listed the regular priced one - but who are these people selling it for $400 or $50 or, even $38.50? Are they kidding? I've heard some of these dealers use algorithmic software (or something like that) that automatically sets their price based on what the other dealers are selling the books at. And another rumor... says that these dealers don't even HAVE the books and they charge so much so that they can BUY the book from another dealer, if they get a sale, and then mark the price up to resell. WAAAAAY too complicated, I think.

I'm just saying... if you feel the overwhelming need to spend over $100 for one of my books - send the money directly to ME! I'll even sign your book. And for $400, I'll send the new Kidz Book AND a small KID! ;-D

PS - Hang in there - all the books should be available again next week (at regular prices).

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