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2 min read

Going SOLAR!

Bill was up at the Flying Goose Pub in New London, NH and texted me this amazing sight! It's the poster I designed for Granite State Solar!I had gone to a Solarize Kearsarge meeting this spring and decided this was the perfect time for me to solarize my house. I had drawn...

1 min read

Comics Camp Day Five

The final assignment was to design our cover!?! That does seem weird to do the cover last, but now it makes sense. I thought designing the last page was really hard, but this was worse. It took me two hours to think what it should look like and what to use as a title! I...

1 min read

Comics Camp Day Four

Today's in-class exercise was about Dialog. We were paired up and given two characters and commanded to create a comic that used dialog to show the characters interacting and changing in some way. Part of the challenge was brainstorming and working with another person! This first one is the one I did with...

2 min read

Comics Camp Day Three

As usual - I'm not working on the project I thought I would. I've been working on the Demons, and their new friend(?) and other stuff from inside my head. I am so so so tired! But I don't want to go home and lose this momentum and unlimited...