Here are the details for the UN-Tangle retreat in November - just in case you have forgotten. No - I am NOT trying to rub it in your face, I wanted to remind you that you can save $75 off your room price if you register by September 1st. And that deadline is coming up FAST!

UnTangle Holiday Event
Nov 9-11, 2012

The Patchwork Pearl and Sandy Steen Bartholomew have been working on a follow up to the original UnTangle retreat in March, and we're delighted to be able to announce what we have planned. The Beachmere called - they want us to ring in the holidays with them - so we hope that you'll join us on Friday, November 9th for a weekend of fun and Tangling - all with a holiday theme.

We're planning a weekend of workshops and hands on experiences for you, with an added twist of helping you with your Holiday gift list. If you have something in mind to Tangle, bring it with you to work on it.

One change we are making is that we're sizing the retreat to give each of you more room to spread out. Please make your reservations today - and take advantage of the Early Bird pricing at the same time - to make sure you get a chance to come play with us.

Single room rate (includes the workshop fee of $250) is $875;
Double room rate (includes the workshop fee of $250) is $725
- book by Sept 1 and save $75.00 on your registration.
If you're a commuter who wants to Tangle with us, the fee is $500
(which includes the workshop fee of $250).

We hope to have as much fun as we did the first time, so please book your reservation today.

An added note or idea... if you have a particular project you have been wanting to work on, or an item you need to tangle, bring it with you, but also let me (Sandy) know ahead of time, and I will make sure that you have the right materials to do the job. ie: I'll bring the pens, paints, whatever. :-)

AND - since I keep getting emails about this - - NO, you don't need to be an artist or a CZT to attend this retreat. YES, complete newbies are very welcome. And YES, Linda will match you up with a roommate if would like to share a room. YES, you can bring your spouse. NO, they don't have to take the workshop. NO, this is not a high-powered, stressed out super-workshop. YES, it is a fun, relaxing, easy-going, safe-place to let your hair down, be yourself, try stuff out, and laugh a lot.
Introverts AND extroverts will enjoy it!

Are you ready to sign up? Go here: SIGN ME UP! And I'll see you there. :-)

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