I had a fabulous day with my mom and my kids - church, music, food, Legos... but my favorite part was my genius idea...

How do I get rid of the candy that the bunny left in the basket?! We ate a few Peeps - yum - but the kids and I can't really eat sugar.

I said "Let's bring the extra Peeps and candy to Gramma Magda!!"
"Yeah!!" everyone yelled.

Gramma Magda is at the graveyard - we usually only bring chocolate on her birthday - but I figured she must be lonely since it has been such a long winter. And today was SOOOO beautiful I needed another excuse to get outside.

Lilah laid out all the Hershey's Kisses on the bench-grave and the black stone was so warm, the Kisses started melting. After we finished the mosaic of candy, in front of the new lilly we planted, Lilah did a finger painting in the chocolate. Ick. Of course, I was out of Wet-wipes back at the car.

We had a lot of fun and no sugar crash!

[Looking at the video - it's interesting to see how the kids naturally made patterns on the ground - and one was a kind of mandala.]