This morning I coated and burned my screen.

Crazy? Actually - it was the silkscreen for printing our Facebooks. I showed you my Autobiography piece the other day - now this self-portrait will be on the facing page.

Here's the sketch I did and then scanned into Photoshop where I made layers with colors. My idea was to print with white and brown ink onto blue paper.

The separate layers of color made it easy to print them out as separations. The left one is for white ink, the right one for brown ink.

I copied them onto transparencies to create a kind of positive negative. These get taped to the back of the screen which has a light sensitive emulsion coating. The screen is placed on a super bright light table. The black areas on the transparency prevent the light from hitting the emulsion. The areas that get light are cured - fixed to the screen - everything else, washes out with water. So... the black areas on the transparency are the areas on the emulsion that get washed out. This means that the ink will flow throw these sections when I print tomorrow.

I will be printing onto this bright blue paper so I photocopied Moss' Autobiography onto all the backs of the pages. They will be on the back of my self-portrait... it's a little confusing, but if it all works - it will be very cool!

And as an added bit of trivia - turns out that Moss (not his real name) grew up in Sutton - one town away from my town of Warner! He graduated from the same school that my son just graduated from.