I am SO excited to share this with you guys!!!

My school, The Center for Cartoon Studies, is offering a FREE Cartooning Workout - by email! So you can try cartooning without having to travel to Vermont.

It lasts one week and you can sign up any time. The class is run by my teacher and the school's co-founder, James Sturm, and also my Thesis Advisor, Alec Longstreth.

No experience is necessary, no portfolio review, and you can't "fail".

I'm thinking I might do this during my January Break... let me know if any of you decide to do it - I'd love to show your work here on this blog!

Oh - and if you are into planning your Summer, during the Winter... they just announced their amazing line-up of summer classes!!! OMG - I want to do Animation especially! Here's the link for those Summer Programs.

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