Hey Happy Thanksgiving! I could ask you what you are doing online reading my blog when you should be basking in the love with your family and friends but.... hey, I'm here too, right?

If you will be continuing the tradition of avoiding family members, the day after, by going shopping, I encourage you to practice your avoidance at my store, Wingdoodle. We will probably be closing the store. We will definitely be closing it, as of Christmas, for the rest of the winter. We may re-open in the spring, but if we do, some things will have to be different. Either way, we have to clear out all the stock - which means awesome deals to be had for Holiday Shoppers! Check out the Wingdoodle blog for more info.

For those of you who are more into the Cyber Monday thing... (as I am), buy what you want at my Etsy shop - Bumblebat, and make sure to enter CyMon11 in the Promo Code box when you check out, to get 15% off your purchase. You have to actually enter it in the right spot to receive the discount, emailing me the code, won't work. ;-D

A couple of other things... the Tangle Cruise did not get enough advance sign-ups, although there WAS quite a bit of interest! So that is being put on a back burner for an option in the future. I got an awful lot of emails from people saying what fun that would be, but it is too expensive right now, or too far away, or a bunch of other things. Many claimed that if it were closer and cheaper they would LOVE to do a retreat with me. We'll see about that!

I am working on a retreat in Ogunquit, Maine for early spring and maybe another there for early fall. I'll let you know more details as I know them, but the spring one will be March 2 through 4.

{This bit here has been removed for now. More info later} ;-)

And since we are approaching that time of year where we either make resolutions we can't keep, or decide to upend our lives and start with a clean slate, I like to start obsessing early about my options. closing the store SHOULD be enough to satisfy either option, but I need more upheaval. I'll start on a few new projects with Fox Chapel Publishing after the New Year and I will not be teaching many classes for a while. I am working on an online class though and would love to get more feedback from you all. The main question is: What would you pay me to learn? (That's bad syntax, I think, but I hope you get my meaning?)

OK - off to the really important stuff. Everyone is finally asleep and there is a piece of apple pie calling my name...

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