(That title was written with a smirk and a wink.)

Confessions... I am absolutely terrified of speaking in front of people. Any number of people. And, I am easily distracted by shiny, new ideas. I love them. I have notebooks full of them. I create logos for businesses I want to create.

And yet - I have piles of unfinished projects that just make me feel guilty when I see them and I usually hide behind the excuse of "If I only had enough time..."

Sometimes, these flaws can be put to good use. The flip side of the idea thing, is that I believe that anything is possible. I used to read magazines like Somerset Studio and Cloth Paper Scissors and notice the same artists' names popping up - and they would do round robins together - and I wanted to be part of a group like that! And I listened to podcasts, and blog interviews and then tele summits where these amazing people would talk about their lives and ideas and problems they had overcome...  I wanted to be one of them too.

Guess what!?!

Turns out all my mistakes and ideas and fears - over time - fermented into something also known as "Experience". And I now qualify as one of those people I always wanted to be.  How cool is that?

Minette Riordan asked me to be one of her experts on her upcoming Creative Business Mastery Telesummit - and despite my number one fear (speaking in front of people) - I said "yes".

I guess my passion to be heard, is greater than my passion to hide!

Click the image or HERE to go to the site and register. This is a FREE Telesummit with some very cool ladies including Minette - (who is also a Certified Zentangle Teacher).

You'll love the info if you have ever felt unfocused, distracted by ideas, panic-ed about income, or overwhelmed by your own passions.  There will be 3 days with 16 speakers, broken into 3 topics: Money, Marketing, and Mindset.

What if you aren't Right-Brained and have no intention of listening to the interviews? That's fine too (although I have trouble believing that since you read my blog...) but be sure to click through anyway and then scroll dooooooowwwwwnnn to see my photo mixed in with all those other amazing women!!

I want to make a really big deal about this because it IS a big deal! I don't want this to be just another one of those cool things that I accomplish but allow to be lost in the sludge of other ongoing yuckiness. You know what I mean? Because THIS is where I want to put my energy and creativity. (I'm sure at least one of the speakers will cover that topic too).

I hope that you will join us online - May 19-21. I can't wait to hear all the wisdom - and great ideas - at the Tele-summit. And be sure to pass this info on to your other Right-Brain friends!

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