We had a GREAT party on Friday night - 8 artists were there signing  books. Kayla West, SherRee's daughter - catered the event and even put  Zentangles on the cupcakes!
I put lots of photos of the event up on Flickr if you would like to see:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/bumblebat/sets/72157624048314402/

There  was total insanity for a little while as books went flying around the  room. Eventually, we came up with some kind of a system (thanks Jean!).  In case anyone ever does this sort of thing in the future... when a  customer handed a book to one of us, we would sign it and put a sticky  on the cover with the customer's name and our own initials below. Each  artist would sign it and add their initials. It made it easy to see who  was missing from the book. Most of us shortened our names after the  first few signatures! But Casey always signed her full name and added  tangles to her name in lots of different colors. Amazing kid! I got my  daughter, Lilah, to sign a few copies too. But she wanted to color in  her designs and add to them, so it got kind of messy! And a 3 y.o. with a  Sharpie is a terrifying thing in my eyes. But I am willing to bet that  she is the youngest, published Zentangle artist EVER! So go take a look  at the photos and please leave comments!

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