As I get more and more exhausted, I find it harder to type much on this little iPhone. But I see so many things I am anxious to show you! I can't control where the photos end up on the blog post since I am not at a real computer so I hope you can bear with me and figure out what matches up with what.

Everyday the girl wears a different dress and gets painted differently! Today she had a dress with lips, so her arms had lips, her necklace, socks, and boots were all painted on too! The paints used are new body paints from Tulip. Tomorrow will be an Egyptian theme!

I was wearing my tangle body stickers and stopped in the Art Glitter Institute booth where she glittered me up with new skin safe glue and glitz.

I had my name written out beautifully by Lisa Engelbrecht.  Watched Tim Holtz charm the crowds of women. I met Marie Browning. Watched Suzanne McNeill demo her tangled stencil designs. (notice my books on the wall behind her?!) I saw my books on the wall in the Alvin booth too!  

There was a party that evening in the DO/Fox Chapel booth to celebrate Suzanne's Industry Award.  Here's a bunch of pics from that too. The one with two champagne glasses is my mom. I'll have to add names to the pics when I get back home. Tomorrow is my demo day in the booth so I need to get to bed ASAP!

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