The Visiting Artists today were Melissa Mendes and Chuck Forsman. Both were students at the Center for Cartoon Studies a few years ago, so it was interesting to see how their careers have developed since then.

Chuck had an interesting observation "when gravity is pulling me in one direction, I can't help wondering what's in the other direction." He did a mid-career 180 turn, completely changing his style and focus.

There was some more talk about dealing with depression as an artist/cartoonist. I keep wondering about how prevalent depression is among us!!?

On that note, I did not take too many notes today as I started sketching this (while listening VERY carefully!):

My demons ┬ęSandy Bartholomew

I had run home yesterday (we got out of class really early) to visit my daughter and Fireman (boyfriend) and then drove back to school this morning. The three of us had watched the movie, MINIONS (I love the whole series), so I had little creatures on the brain.

I've also been kind of soaking in a little bit of self-pity-exhaustion-from-being-sick-for-three-weeks-legal-overwhelm-touch-of-depression-and-a-jigger-of-loneliness... stew.

When I left this morning, I'd hoped for a hug/kiss from the Fireman, but he wasn't home. He didn't answer my text. At the very least, a hug from my MOM! She didn't answer her text. I looked around town for her. Nope. I went to see if my friend Stefanie was around. Nope. I checked the Fireman's house again. Alas. I started back to school... with a quick swing by Bonnie's house. Nope.

I just kind of slunk back to school feeling self-pity-exhaustion-legal-overwhelm-touch-of-depression-and-a-jigger-of-loneliness. And the drive is just long enough to really soak in the stew without actually reaching any useful decisions. By the time I got to class, I was thinking, "Oh well, at least I'll always have my demons."

I'm counting this as the second in my Cartoon Therapy series. I just wish I could journal without having to feel so bad. But, for now, I'll just go with it. And maybe blow off the rest of my to-do list and watch a movie!