Yesterday, I read a blog post by Kris Carr (one of my female heros) about Manifesting Your Desires.
She had recently stumbled upon the book E-Squared: Nine Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality

by Pam Grout, at a conference.

Kris' summary of the book:
"As you know if you’ve read it, E-Squared is hilarious, easy to understand, and very compelling. The book basically demonstrates how your thoughts create your reality, and it includes nine simple experiments that prove it."

That intrigued me as I have been following Mike Dooley and his "thoughts become things" philosophy. I've been getting notes from the Universe for quite some time now.

She decided to test out one of the first principles in the book where you tell the Universe (or whatever you believe in) that you want a sign and then it manifests in a day or two. She asked for a green juice. I manifested the E-Squared book.

Well, no, actually I ordered it from Amazon Prime and it just got here this afternoon. (huh... that was less than 24-hours...).
I haven't done my real manifesting test yet.

On with the story...
I tripped over the Amazon box when I got home this evening and sat at my computer to check emails as I was opening it. I read today's email from The Universe and at the bottom was this note:

"Do you like to hike, Sandy? Are you in good shape? We have an optional trek up to Huayna Picchu, 2 hours roundtrip, that looks WAY DOWN on Machu Picchu!!! This hike might change your life!

   See you at the TOP!!!!"

Yes, I like to hike. (And I like drinking piña coladas in the rain...). I could be in much better shape, but I'm better than I was a year ago... and YES! I HAVE been thinking I really need to go to Machu Picchu. I clicked through the link and my jaw was dropping onto my keyboard by the bottom of the article. Sure, it's crazy expensive... yes, it's the same month as TangleU (next April) - but it's at the beginning of the month, TangleU is at the end. It IS all-inclusive.... with amazing people... The Universe has been telling me I need to reach higher.... can't get much higher than Machu Picchu (without an oxygen tank)... I've wanted to go since I was a little kid... I haven't been on a real adventure since the Middle-East trip a few years ago...

Whoa! Manifesting is NOT about dueling it out in your head!!

This is a lot bigger than a green juice, but I'm putting it out there to the Universe....

Hey Universe, if you are listening, I'm ready to step up my game. I want to go on this amazing adventure to Machu Picchu with Mike Dooley and these other cool people. What do you say?

I even "bolded" it so the Universe knows I mean business.
And now, I guess we wait?

While we are waiting... I'd love to know what kinds of things you all would like to "manifest"? And not just what you'd love if it just magically "appeared" in front of you, but what would be worth it to stretch a bit farther, or reach higher? You know, take the risk of pulling a muscle...

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