I've still got quite a bit left from last weekend's sale - including the darkroom enlarger, big conference table, art supplies, toys, art books, displays, some shopping bags... and a gazillion rubber stamps. (See some photos of stuff HERE).

Please please please come and get some of this stuff! I need space and I need it NOW!

This weekend is the Warner Fall Festival with lots of cool (weird?) activities and trashy food (omg - I LOVE fried dough!!!) We're going to try and clear out some more stuff, but just on Saturday morning - I want to enjoy the festival too!

If you are in the area this weekend, please come to my:Studio Garage Sale!Saturday, October 610am-12pm (no early birds!)on Kearsarge Mtn. Road in Warner, NHYou can bypass the chaos on Main Street by getting off I-89 at exit 9, heading towards downtown, but turn left onto Roslyn Ave. (across from the CAP building), then right onto Kirtland Street.

Last weekend's sale didn't earn much money, but it was a networking windfall. We met so many new friends, and quite a few old ones I haven't seen in... years. There was a lot of laughter too.I think we had the ONLY yard sale EVER with chalk body outlines and crime scene tape!My daughter and her friends started tracing each other - just... because...

I'm sure the yard sale browsers thought it was odd that there was a group of kids lying on the driveway!

Chalk outlines weren't enough, there was this conversation:

Lilah: Hey Mom! Do you have any police tape?

Me: Of course. (doesn't everyone?)
      It's Crime Scene tape - will that do?

They added clues, and "weapons" (note the tiny frying pan!)

Soon the driveway was filled with bodies... some a little bit gory... even Bill's spilled coffee joined the ranks of victims...

I turned this outline into a mermaid when no one was watching:

Even the cracks in the pavement got their turn!

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