In an effort to get myself back on track - DRAWING COMICS EVERYDAY - I joined Inktober - 31 drawings in 31 days. Started by Jake Parker, cartoonist, to get himself and others to perfect their inking skills - Inktober has become a "thing". Basically, there is a list of word prompts, one for each day of October. You draw a picture inspired by that word, ink it, post it on social media and tag it - #inktober.

This also got me to revisit my Instagram account (it had two pics and 5 followers) which now has 15+ posts and 170+ followers. Cool!

I've completed one week - WOO HOO! It feels really good - and the accountability also feels good. Although I do spend a lot more time on these than I had intended ("anything worth doing is worth over-doing").

I set up a few extra rules for myself.
1. work within a 6"x8" area
2. include my comic character somehow
3. include the word somehow (work on my lettering)
4. Only black and white and gray ink
5. It's October... a little bit creepy.


I also played around with the image in Procreate to make it look more like an old poison bottle label:



I get to a point where I'm not sure if I should push it... or let it be...

I'm leaning towards "push it". I added more text and the black background. I'm glad I did because it makes the fire glow more.

Day 4 - SPELL

Each of these comics starts with a blue pencil sketch. Another thing I am torn about - I really love the way the sketches look - the line quality and variation - but I also like the cleaner lines, contrast and grays of the inked art.

blue pencil sketch
adding grays
finished art (photo. still needs to be scanned) 


My kids says this one is not "realistic" - seriously? It's a comic! I'm trying to get across an idea, not paint like Norman Rockwell.
Kids - they think they're art directors.


How do I get the drool to really stand out?

Still needs to look slimier...


I was really tempted to give this one a black or gray background too. But then I thought... a bat would be sleeping during the day, right? I know I want to. Up all night working -- sleep all day. White background.

Besides, I'm too tired to do a dark background!