If my studio is in the barn... is it a Yard Sale or a Barn Sale... or a Garage Sale...? Or Studio Sale?

No matter - I have a lot of stuff to clear out!
I had to move out of my big studio in Concord so I have a packed storage unit, a packed garage, a packed mudroom... I have a lot of stuff! On top of that, I have a lot of other changes happening in my life and I need to make room quickly and clear out my house.

If you are in the area this weekend, please come to my

Studio Garage Sale!Saturday, Sept. 29 and Sunday, Sept. 3010am-2pm (no early birds!)on Kearsarge Mtn. Road in Warner, NHI have quite a bit from the Concord Studio (most is in the storage unit) - art supplies, books, displays, etc. I'll put some photos here too and I'll also list them in the Facebook Yard Sale Groups. There's also quite a bit from all over the house - toys, kitchen stuff (cookie cutters!) and furniture.Here's a little bit of what I've got:Large, sturdy (heavy) conference table, with folding legs.

Movie theatre chairs from the old Cinema 93 that I had mounted to a wooden base.

A mini printing press

Two mini-fridges -- a cube, and an under-counter fridge.

Lots of yellow shopping bags -- some with handles and some flat. Many different sizes.

An antique school desk and chair. I always meant to refinish these - the desk would make an adorable bedside table...

Fabric covered office chair.

Fold out tumbling (exercise) mat.

Unfinished furniture (I used to paint a lot of furniture) - kids' table and chair, and little rocking chair.

Very cool giant birdcage on wheels. (fits a small child or large bird nicely)

Fiskars push-mower (great exercise... the faster you push, the better it cuts!)

Over-sized Alphabet block (storage chest) from Think Big in NYC.

Antique, child-sized, roll top desk (rolling top has been removed)

Hand-painted kitchen table (I carved and stamped the little teapots too!) I think it's about 3 feet diameter.

Big Bucket of miscellaneous rubber stamps. I also have tons of unmounted stamps, and wood pieces available.

Two big bins full of super-cool, antique cameras - Brownie cameras, Polaroids... They are really amazing but some (with leather parts) are more than a little stinky. It breaks my heart.

Lots of art supplies... like these drawers (included) full of metal foils, embossing tools and texture plates.

My beloved Beseler 23CII darkroom enlarger. My daughter asked me what it was and I had to explain what "film" was!!?? I still think that darkroom photography is one of the last forms of True Magic! Watching the image appear from Nothing is amazing!

A bad pic, but this is a gorgeous, antique, bow front china cabinet - curved glass. (There are three wooden shelves).

Corrugated, folding pedestals with styrofoam and wood tops. Light-weight, but sturdy. Great for a show.

I don't really want to part with this house display, but if I'm offered enough money...
It's one of a kind! The Roof holds rows of journals, books, sketchpads... on the front is an open door to a cozy rugged area. On the back are windows, and the rest of the house is painted with chalkboard paint for drawing on. It is currently disassembled for storage and moving.

There are still two remaining tall bookshelves. These are designed to show the books with their covers facing out (children's books!) They are still in the storage unit, but we can get them out.

This is the best "portable" crib! It's German, I think, and wooden. Very sturdy, has wheels, and it folds down for storage.

I'm still pulling things from the house, so there will be plenty more! Come and visit us this weekend! And bring lots of cash. ;-)

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