Return from the Midwest

One of these things is not like the other... you can tell I'm from the East Coast - I'm the only one wearing black! (This photo was taken by Tootie Horn, so she is not in it - thanks Tootie!)
Joyce Francis, looks like a seance involving a tub of Cool Whip...?!
Strange image - looks like everyone is having a "time-out", "face the wall and think about what you have done." Actually... that is pretty accurate. They are all putting their work along the chalk-tray for a mini exhibit!
My amazing students hard at work.
I kept getting requests to draw Lilah Beans in peoples' journals... I requested right back at 'em, that they each tangle a mini banner for me!
The building had some very intriguing architectural details. This railing part looks like a bug!
Some of my students' work. They did incredible things with whatever I threw at them.
Joyce wanted to take me to some Art Museums before I flew home, but I wanted to go to the Mall of America! (Yes, those ARE zombie Legos!)
I just HAD to see the huge Lego store! A whole wall of bricks... a Lego minotaur...
And a Lego Woody! Joyce makes friends quickly. She called her son from the store, "Guess where I am!?"
True love.

I have been home for... three days(?) and I am still exhausted. But that was the BEST teaching gig I have ever had. And it wasn't just the Lego chaser! I learned a lot from my students and my fellow teachers, I just have to process it all and get myself to DO something with everything swishing around in my head. I did make a small start and got my new ebook posted on my Etsy store. I still can't get over the coincidence... I had been working on an ebook about the tangles in the movie, "The Secret of Kells" and guess what they showed on Saturday night at the retreat?! Guess!? That movie is truly mesmerizing on a big screen. I should write more about it - and everything - another day. Rest!

BTW - I posted the group shot on Facebook, so please be sure to tag yourself if you are in the picture!