As if there weren't already enough...stuff... falling off my plate...
The good news is that the surgery is over and it seems to have been successful. The bad news is that I have some nerve damage and paralysis in my face and right eye. The doctor said I need to be extremely patient. (Me?!) It could take a few weeks for things to get better or up to four months for the double vision to clear, too. Double vision? I have no control over my right eye muscles, so I am not really aware of double vision yet. I have no sense of depth of field though. It's like reaching for a hologram when I try to grab a glass of water or a doorframe. And I can feel parts of my face, but it's like they are floating in numbness. It is truly bizarre. My left eye does not want to be open for long either so I will try to make this post quick! I want to thank everyone for their notes and emails - it means a lot to me! When I can see again, I will reply to everyone, but I felt you deserved a quick update. In case you have no idea what's going on... I had to have surgery to have a wedge put under my eyeball to prevent it from sinking further due to damage from radiation I had when I was a kid. In order to place the wedge, a small bone seems to have been cracked and some damage to the orbital floor so that's where the nerve damage happened. In other words, I can only feel half my nose and lips and various other sections of my face! And all the drugs and gooey stuff... yuck. I just want to sleep.

But, I did get this great email... actually two emails that I wanted to share with you. I hope Fabi doesn't mind:

Hi, Sandy!!
I've got your book at last!! And I can tell you I LOVE IT!!! You are such a great artist!!
I`m learning  to tangle by my own, with your book and from the net too.
I`m a Graphic Designer and I `d like to bring this wonderful experience  to my country (Argentina), but I can´t travel to yours. Do you know any  way I could do it?

My love and best wishes to you for this 2011!!

P.S. I`m adding here one of my tangles. I hope you like it!

Dear Sandy!!
Oh, my God!!!
I`ve just learned that you`ve had eye surgery today. And I had sent you five hours before, a zentangle of mine called "the Eye of Time". I am quite surprised!!!
I hope you get well soon!!
And of course, I will try to buy your next book from Etsy or so.
All my Love!!

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