I emailed my sister about this and then thought... Yeh, I do seem to whine a bit about stuff and complain, so maybe I'd give you a little break and tell you about something REALLY nice that happened.

Sound good?

I went home Wednesday night after class to say "Hi" to the kid, grab some papers from the studio to scan for the lawyers, and meet my friend for dinner at the Local (so we could both do some productive whining!). I hadn't heard a squeak from my Fireman in a week! A week! I know - that's NOT good.

I had gone through every scenario possible and figured it was just... Done. But I suck at just letting things... Be. I needed to Know.

Besides, I was tired of obsessing over this and needed to use my headspace for other things.

Thursday morning, just before I headed back to school, I stopped by his house and, since he actually answered the door and smiled when he saw me - I said "What the @#$%!?!"

I should have realized that a guy who couldn't get up enough nerve to even ask me out in the first place, would never be able to say he was "sorry". I told him he couldn't ignore me for a whole week again  -that would be unforgivable. I told him I no longer trusted him and he would have to work really hard if he wanted to earn it back again.

He showed up outside my school (in VT) that evening and took me out to dinner!

We had no plans this weekend since I knew he had to work on Sunday. He never does ANYTHING the day before work and he goes to bed at 8pm to get up at 4am (24 hour shift). I had asked if he wanted to go see Mad Love (at Northern Stage) with me, but I knew he wouldn't be able to go. I'm used to going to movies and stuff on my own, but sure would be nice to have company.

It was a wonderful, funny play, but I was frozen when I got home and switched to cozy sweats (with cat hair accents) and put my hair up, nuked some lasagna and was watching tv while I ate.

I had tax and legal papers spread all over the floor. (You can picture this, right?) The phone was re-charging in the other room. I was annoyed (only a little) to have to keep getting up from the couch (i.e., moving the cat) to see what he was texting me.

I went back to the tv and lasagna. When I went to put the dish in the sink and turn off the tv, I heard the text buzz again.

"Open the door... I'm here"What????! So I went over and opened it...HOLY S@#T! He was standing there with red roses and cookies!!! And he smelled so nice. :-)He'd even brought me a beautiful vase from the antique store because he knew I wouldn't have something to put flowers in at the apartment. Oh - and he had made the cookies fresh, with giant chunks of dark Ghirardelli chocolate...

He could only stay a few hours, but I told him I forgave him for everything and it was the nicest Valentine's Day I'd ever had.


It's more than 24 hours later, and even though I spent my actual Valentine's Day crunching numbers for my taxes...

The flowers still look beautiful.

(Cookies are gone).

I'm still smiling.

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