There is nothing like a little advance notice, eh?

Tomorrow is Spring Into Warner - a celebration of the Arts in our little town. It is low-key and a lot of fun. And a little bit odd. Everyone is preparing today and the yarn-bombers have been at work...

They decorated the trees in front of my studio too!!

Lilah can tell you which of the trees have the softest yarns...and, yes, sweaters DO grow on trees!


They're everywhere - bike racks, fence posts... there are even knitted monster feet on the town hall's railings!

There are lots of great events going on, so here are the map and schedule (click to see the details).

From around 10am-2pm...
Inside The BeeHive Studio - we will be having a HUGE BOOK SALE! There are craft books, art-biz books, journaling books, Zentangle books, garden books, cookbooks, even some great novels and art books for kids too.

Every book is 20% off. BUT - if you buy 5 or more books - you get 40% off instead. The discount applies to the NEW books as well as to the already discounted books with the yellow bookmarks in them. I know - that is kind of crazy since many of those books are already marked down to less than $10. (I sound like a used car salesman!?) "CRAZY Prices!! Come on down!" But, seriously, I just got in some new books from Quarry - and they are on sale too.

This is part of my I-need-to-raise-money-for-cartoon-school-so-I'm-selling-off-everything campaign. There are three tables full of great books, and two bookcases, too.

If it doesn't rain (please don't RAIN!) - I'll be outside with Lilah working on the mural. We painted in the backgrounds and tidied up the art, so it's ready to have more characters drawn on. With all the color, it really stands out from down the street. The Velvet Moose is a good viewing spot. Ice cream cone in hand...

If you are brave enough, please join us - we could use the help. I have paint markers so it is easy and fun. If you aren't comfortable drawing, you can always pick a character to color or add some Zentangles.

Besides, how often to do you get the chance to draw on the walls?

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