Let's Go Dutch

In this week's category of "It's kind of weird, but also kind of cool..."

Totally Tangled has been translated into Dutch!

Interesting what they chose to put on the front cover...
but it is still a thrill to be published in two languages. The "weird" part is looking through a book that looks very familiar... but I don't understand the words - like a strange dream. The Dutch words - some are similar to English - but others are so colorful. For example, in my bio inside the front cover... "hobbywinkel" jumped out at me. How cute is that word?! I picture some little round artsy-elf named Hobbywinkel. (Hmmm... I have to file that away in my idea bank). Americans would just say "craft shop".

They used a really nice, thick, creamy, matte paper and the drawings and colors look more like the originals. I like that they added a title page so the book doesn't start and end inside the covers, but they also removed a few pages - p. 47 (Sandra Strait's works), and pp. 42-43 with the Lilah Beans and my samples using kids' art.

I want to say "Thank you" to Maria Vennekens, Calligrapher and Certified Zentangle teacher for her help in editing/translating the book. That must have been quite a job!

And speaking of Totally Tangled, my American publisher, Design Originals/Fox Chapel decided not to have me do revisions of it and Yoga for Your Brain. Definitely a relief! I would rather put my energy into starting a NEW book. But don't worry, I will incorporate your requests into the new book. And if you have any ideas, or problem areas, or "my life would be complete if only there were a book that..." requests, please put them in the comments below or email me. I'm still in hunter-gatherer mode. In a few weeks I will revert to my more reclusive, introverted self so I can concentrate and get crackin'.