Speaking of classes... I just started another one with Jessica Wesolek. I've mentioned her before in a post about an iPad Art Studio workshop - and she also is the creator of Sheer Heaven.

This new class is an Inktense intensive... "Inktense - From Soup to Nuts." It just started this week and will be going until April - so you can still join in. Inktense pencils have been becoming more and more popular and Zentangle works really nicely with the pencils too. Basically, they work just like regular waxed based pencils, when dry. But they are magical when wet! The colors become super bright, and then when they dry again, the ink is permanent. That means you can brush a pale yellow over blue and  it won't bleed into a muddy green. You have to play with them to see how cool they are.

Anyway, the class started with some easy, basic projects and I amazed myself by doing all the homework and not falling behind in the very first week. Yeah me! But then, I went above and beyond and did the extra homework. AND I added Zentangles to the project. My idea worked and it looks like a keeper. A little positive reinforcement doesn't hurt, right?

What do you think?

Note: The tangles I used were Bingley and Purlbox. The fan itself is created using only red pencil lines and some graphite pencil for shading.

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