When we got our homework last week, I saw the assignment and joked,

"96-pages??!!! I can have a breakdown in only 4 pages!"

Silly girl. When will I learn not to brag. The Breakdown is still going...

On the positive side, the rough week has inspired some interesting plot twists. If I could just calm down long enough to focus and get it all on paper, it might all have some use yet.

Backing up a few days, the Visiting Artist was Leslie Stein. Her drawing styles changed so much from one comic to the next. My favorite thing about her newest style is that she paints the speech balloons as a color smear with hand lettered text in different colors.

Leslie Stein image from vice.com

And my favorite bit of advice is:
"Don't write and draw to try and please your audience - to make them like you or your comics. Write and draw to learn something, stretch yourself, become better - then you can never fail or create bad work."

And here is the comic journaling I did during the lecture. Yeh, you can figure the meaning out on your own.

Monday's Comic History class was packed with info because of the Pecha Kucha presentations (more next week). But the main portion was devoted to introducing POP ART. A new fusion of fine art and comic art.

Pop Art, think Andy Warhol, took "throw away" images and items... like soup cans and advertisements... and put them on canvas, etc. making people take a different view of them.

Since comic books were everywhere, they were also considered throw away items and embraced by the Pop Artists. The real creators of the images never achieved the same fame as their imitators.

On an unrelated note, Minou is thrilled to be back in our apartment. She was not happy with a new cat at our house, peeing in her litter box and following her around everywhere!

She likes to watch everyone from HER perch, in HER window!