Fireworks City - © Sandy Steen Bartholomew

Sitting in the dark, on the deck, watching the sparkly sky - in between the tree branches... very pretty. It's cool the way the lightning bugs looked like they were falling off the fireworks. But I don't think I will ever really enjoy the sounds of the explosions - especially as they ricochet off the mountains. Too creepy.

If I looked West, I could see the best colors from the fireworks one town over. If I looked South, I could see flashes of light and hear more of the sizzling kind of rockets.

There are still pops and bangs echoing around - some from even farther away, some from neighbor's driveways. The raucous party sounds have died down finally.

Although I am happy to celebrate my own Independence, I miss my kids and think of the 4th as a lonely holiday. With pretty lights.

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