Lots of classes and note-taking last week!

The second session of the Dartmouth Medical School - Graphic Medicine class was very entertaining! We did a group prompt where each group was given a slip of paper with a description... ours was "Dorothy, Tinman, Scarecrow, and the Lion playing strip poker." We then had 3 minutes to discuss how to draw the scene, then 3 minutes to draw a rough, then 2 minutes to discuss what worked or didn't, then 2 minutes to redraw the scene.

That's not a lot of time! But it lead to some absolutely hysterical guessing by the other teams!

On Thursday, we had another Senior Studio with Caleb Brown to practice Graphic Facilitation. It's interesting to learn about all the different variations - such as Sketchnoting (which is what I love to do and post on this blog!), the next level up is Graphic Recording which is done for businesses or at conferences, then Graphic Facilitation which is usually in front of a crowd with giant pieces of paper or a whiteboard, and lots of interaction with the group. (That's scary!!)

So that last one is what we practiced in this class. Although, we didn't have the crowds and the interaction, so it wasn't so bad.

We hung huge sheets of paper on the wall and then had to incorporate all the graphic elements into interpreting Robert Frost's poem, "The Road Not Taken".  I took photos of my classmates interpretations too - and added them to my Sketchnotes...

That afternoon, our Visiting Artist was Rebecca Mock. She does these amazing animated GIF-illustration-thingies... also known as Cinemagraphs. I'd never heard that word before, but to understand how cool they are, click on this LINK.

She was very amusing to watch - enthusiastic and very funny. She's accomplished a lot in a short time and passed on a lot of her hard earned lessons in her presentation - "You Too Can Be a Workaholic"!

Speaking of Workaholics... I took some (non-existent) time off from working, to go home and visit my kid... and look into a few possibilities for what... or at least WHERE... I will be after school ends. My Thesis Panic levels are at an extremely high level - and mostly I just want to DRAW right now. And sleep. And eat carbs. And sleep.

Unfortunately, I also have to find time for my taxes, a Kickstarter to pay for printing my Thesis comics, some kind of exercise, and... oh, yes... those folks who call me Mom and Sweetie!

Back to WORK!