Cover designs...

If you are wondering what I do for the rest of the week... it mostly involves staying up incredibly late trying to pull together my Thesis comics.

This week I met with my printer to get quotes to print the comics. It's going to be (if I can pay the printing costs!) three "Issues" of a mock magazine with other mini-comics inserted into the issues. I will probably do a Kickstarter or something really soon.

I've been doing lots of research on magazine design...

And I needed to design a cover for the mini (68 pages!!?) comic that goes inside the third issue. It's the calendar comics, so I wanted something that looked a bit journal-y.

I love the creepy look of the Miss Peregrine books, so I've been experimenting with a similar layout.

As I mentioned, I will need to raise some money to cover the printing of these comics and Kickstarter invited me to do a series of one week campaign challenges - so I am considering that. The other option is to do it through Patreon...

I should do a survey - I just don't have time to figure that out right now. If you have an opinion - I'd love to hear it!

Would you be interested in owning an Issue - or all three? Do you have a preference for campaigns?

And for all my top Kickstarter supporters (from the campaign in 2016) - you will be getting copies. :-)